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The most powerful tools for modern photo retouching are finally packaged together in a single, easy to use system.



Plugin for Adobe Photoshop

What is ToneLab?

ToneLab is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to dissect your photograph into different parts - a layer for working on the Tone of your photo, and one for working on the Texture. When your camera snaps a shot, it captures both the sharp textural information right along with the larger areas of color and contrast. Once you move into Photoshop, working on those 2 kinds of layers independently is a huge time-saver.


If this sounds familiar to you, it's because ToneLab was developed out of an old tradition called frequency separation. And anyone familiar with frequency separation will be right at home with ToneLab.

If this doesn't sound familiar, don't worry about it. Processing your image with ToneLab is easy. And there's a great community of artists in our private group (not on facebook :) there to help you learn.


What you get with ToneLab:

The ToneLab Plugin : The plugin is a script that you drop into your Photoshop Scripts folder. The next time you open Photoshop, you'll find ToneLab in your Photoshop Help menu.

The ToneLab Brush Pack : Specially designed brushes that are made to work with ToneLab layers.

Access to the private ToneLab User Community : A really (not kidding) vibrant community of smart and talented artists where you can get advice, and share techniques and photos.


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The ToneLab Roadmap

Most plugins or panels don't really evolve over time,

ToneLab is different.


ToneLab is a platform for the development of a modular set of tools and techniques that work with it.

ToneLab is the foundation..

We have multiple ToneLab companion products, tools, and educational content in production, and all ToneLab customers get early access and discounts for everything we make.



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