Sef's Core Tools Workshop

Sef's Core Tools Workshop



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This is a 4-week workshop where members will meet once weekly to delve into each of Sef's core tools and really learn about the different ways they can be used to make retouching more creative and enjoyable. This is all about taking the hard stuff in Photoshop and making it easier. 


It's limited to only 20 seats.


Each week we'll focus on one of Sef's 3 core tools from and take an in-depth, hands-on look at how they can be applied to a wide range of images.


In the 4th session, we'll look at some ways the tools overlap and work together, and Sef will bring out even more of his most-used tools that aren't available on the website.


You'll walk away from this workshop with a firm understanding of using Film Grain for creative effects, how to freely create beautiful color gradients without ever worrying about Banding again, and how to leverage the awesome power of Frequency Separation to make all the tools in Photoshop work better.


Sef will unpack some of his real-world client images, execute Core-Tool workflows on a wide variety of photos, and bring your own photos into the mix. 


Week 1 : Film grain with Adobe Camera Raw

Week 2 : Building Gradients in Photoshop Band-Free


Week 3 : Sef's Frequency Separation Crash Course


Week 4 : Beyond Core Tools - Synergy and Sef's Everyday Actions

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Thursday, October 1 - 11am PST

Thursday, October 8 - 11am PST

Thursday, October 15 - 11am PST

Thursday, October 22 - 11am PST