Band Destroyer

Band Destroyer


Working with gradients can be tricky. So often, when creating a gradient that fits your creative vision, the side effect is banding. Photoshop just doesn't have enough colors to blend the steps between the gradient colors smoothly. Sef's Band Destroyer fixes that with a press of a button.

Using the magic of Adobe Camera Raw, this action will remove banding from just about any gradient in your Photoshop document. Just duplicate up any layers you've used to create your gradient to a new flat pixel layer and run the action.

This action runs on a flat pixel layer. Any work you've done to create your gradient in Photoshop needs to be stamped up.

You don't need to change any of the settings in this action unless you want to adjust the quality of the light grain that gets added back in at the end. Just click the check box next to the final ACR step in the action to make a dialog box come up the next time you run it.

This Band Destroyer action works when applied to smooth gradient images. Images containing detailed subjects will be blurred.